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Steinway Model B - 211

Steinway model B - 211 manufactured in Hamburg in 2017. This is a fine chance to purchase a very fresh model B that is in mint condition. It has had very little use from new and is a fabulous instrument with a glorious full bodied tone.

Accompanied by the usual slick Steinway model B action this piano would be a treasure for life.

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1990 Steinway model C

Fully restored 1990 Steinway model C.

Price on Application.

1989 Steinway model D

Fully restored 1989 Steinway model D.

Price on Application.

1985 Steinway model D

Fully restored 1985 Steinway model D.

Price on Application.

1977 Steinway model B


Steinway model B. 6’ 11” (211cm) Hamburg. Manufactured in 1977 this piano has just been fully overhauled and is now for sale and ready for a new owner. Jeffrey Shackell and Paul Mildren have faithfully kept to the original Steinway design in their work using genuine Steinway & Sons replacement parts.

This work has included full restringing and the fitting of a complete new top action.

The keys and keyframe have been restored using new Steinway ivoplast key coverings and new sharps. The casework polyestering is new and to a very high standard.

This beautiful piano has all the hallmarks of the robust and golden 'bell like’ Steinway tone of the 1970’s and would be a treasure for the serious pianist, enthusiastic amateur or collector. Just looking at it and admiring the fine art that Steinway is will reward in plenty.

Steinway & Sons Model B 1987


This Hamburg manufactured Steinway model B (211cm - 6’ 11”) dates from 1987. It has just had a very comprehensive overhaul by Jeffrey Shackell and Paul Mildren, a working partnership that has existed for 43 years!

The work has included a complete new casework refinish in the traditional high gloss ebony polyester with all brass fittings highly polished. The piano is fitted with new castors. The piano retains its perfect condition original soundboard and the cast steel plate has been fitted with new agraffes and new hitch pins as well as a high quality re-bronze coating of the correct Steinway & Sons plate colour. A complete new top action has been fitted to the original keyframe and keys, the natural keys having been fitted with new ivoplast key material and new sharps have been fitted as well. New damper felts, damper tray overhaul, new check heads and other miscellaneous work has been carried out in the restoration. All has been completed with full action and damper regulating, reweighing of the action to standard Steinway weight and multiple tunings and voicing.

This is a piano to treasure for years to come and for the pianist or collector to admire and share it’s beauty and musical colours.

Visits to try this piano are welcomed and strictly by appointment please.

To include free UK ground floor delivery, quality piano stool and quilted piano cover.

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