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Jeffrey Shackell Piano Technician

Buying and Selling Steinway Pianos

Jeffrey Shackell has been buying and selling Steinway Pianos for over 30 years.

His first Steinway Grand, purchased for £100 was delivered from north London to Witney for just £10!

Prices may have changed since then but Jeffrey is as enthusiastic today about Steinway as he was then.

Shackell Pianos Ltd then established its self as a completely independent specialist dealer in the UK dealing with sales of pre-owned Steinway pianos, service work, restoration, maintenance and concert piano hire.

Vintage and present day instruments are carefully selected for sale. Pianos that are overhauled are done so using genuine Steinway replacement parts.

Careful consideration of the use of certain parts that are sympathetic to the restoration in hand is one of the hallmarks of respect that Jeffrey Shackell has for the 'golden era' of Steinway production.

In certain cases maintaining the original patina of an older Steinway that has survived well is paramount to initial discussions with potential new owners.

Advice on buying and selling Steinway or other quality pianos is freely given, please call or email.

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